Head lamp uses solar GDL0840

Unique and impressive design such as 2 hanging lanterns, solar garden pillar lights GDL0840 are suitable to choose as decorations as well as lighting tools for the campus around the house. friend.


Thanh toán ngay
Danh mục:
Model GDL0840
Power 30W
LED Lamp 60 LED bulbs 3000-6000K
Size 730 * 730 * 440mm
Solar Panel 15V 28.5W monocrystalline
The battery Lithium-Ion 11.1V 15.6AH
Charging time 6-8 hours
Operation time 30-36 hours
Lumen 100lm / w
Material  Aluminum
Installation height 3-7m
Warranty period 1 year

Key features of GDL0840 solar electric garden lights:

– Modern design classic classic very unique, impressive design makes this type of lamp almost “suitable” to everyone.

– Super bright LED chips are light bulbs that are being applied a lot nowadays because they possess many outstanding features such as consuming very little energy but emitting light with high intensity, continuous light source and start up Immediately (fluorescent lamps usually light up after 3-5 seconds of warm-up) , giving off a very low temperature friendly environment.

– GDL0840 solar head lights work entirely on independent power. Solar panels produce electricity for lamps are made up of relatively large single-crystal silicon with high conversion efficiency of sunlight into electricity, helping fast charging lights during the day.

– High-grade aluminum alloy is the material used to make the frame and light pole to help the lamp look very sturdy, difficult to deform by small bumps, good heat resistance, no rust …

– Dense LED bulb density, the light dispersion of the lamp is very even, allowing a wide range of lighting.

– Because the GDL0840 solar garden path lights use an independent power source produced by its panels, it does not require you to connect cumbersome, entangled power lines.

– The lamp has good waterproof, dust-proof according to IP65 standard.