Multi-function solar lamp with Bluetooth plays AL301 music

AL301 multi-function solar powered Bluetooth solar light  is a 2-in-1 product line, which is both a tool to help emit light to illuminate the space, and an entertainment tool, connecting to the music store of You, This is an integrated product line that is extremely suitable for those who love the new and versatile features of common products.


Thanh toán ngay

Technical data:

  • Battery panels: 5.5V 3.5W PET lamination
  • Battery: Lithium iron 18650 / 1800mah
  • LED: 0.2W / 28LM / SMD2835 * 38 LED
  • Luminous flux: 450lm
  • Output power: 3.2V / 3.5W
  • Sensor detection distance: 5-10m
  • Sensor area: 40m2
  • Sensor angle: 120 degrees
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Water resistant: IP65

Function mode: 6 modes

  • + Mode 1: motion sensor + low light
  • + Mode 2: motion sensor
  • + Mode 3: always lighting
  • + Mode 4: automatic
  • + Mode 5: emergency lights
  • + Mode 6: SOS

Information of Bluetooth speaker:

  • Chip name: AC6905A
  • Memory: 1gMbyte
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Supported protocols: AVRCP: V1.3 A2DP: V1.2 HFP: V1.5 HSP: V1.2
  • Sound transmission distance: indoor> 10m, outdoor> 3m
  • Acceptance sensitivity – 88dBm
  • Signal to noise ratio> 92dB
  • Operating frequency (HZ): 2.4GISM, 2,402-2,480GHZ
  • 45mm diaphragm
  • Speaker size: 50mm 4 Euro 3W

Structural characteristics of the versatile solar lamp AL301:

– Structure of the lamp is divided into 2 parts attached together into a desktop lamp, but if only the upper part you can use as a wall lamp. Especially the lamp can connect to Bluetooth to play music as an entertainment tool.

– The top of the lamp is a high quality polycrystalline silicon solar panel, photoelectric conversion rate of up to 18%, well absorbed the source of sunlight stored in the battery.

– High-power lithium phosphate battery , durable, like long-lasting lamp, can use the energy absorbed from the battery range to charge or use the national voltage source to charge the battery.

– Solar light with motion sensor includes 38 smart led bulbs with high brightness, outstanding lighting with wide angle of 120 degrees. Products are manufactured according to international standards IP65 good waterproof, safe when outdoors, weather resistant.

– There is a remote control extremely handy with many different functions easily customizable: motion sensor + low light, motion sensor, strong light, automatic, emergency lights, sos.

– Sensor range up to 10m; brightness adjustable with 4 levels: 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%

– Bluetooth 4.2 chip good quality, high-resolution surround sound, fast connectivity, smart operation stability, low power.

– The lamp uses clean green natural energy source from the sun, is not only energy saving, but also friendly to the environment, and very convenient when traveling far from where there is no power source.

– Making camping lamp to carry, just meet the needs of lighting, just meet the entertainment needs, especially suitable for Homestay

– Outdoor lighting for making wall lamp, indoor lighting for night light, lighting for power outage, speaker for music….