Solar gate lights use GL13

This high-quality GL13 solar gate light is commonly used in villa gateways, pillars of corridors, balconies, gardens, backyards … to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. . Utilizing entirely from solar energy, designed in an ancient and luxurious style


Thanh toán ngay
Wattage 2W
Size 44 x 25 cm
Solar panel 6W
The battery 3.7 V 5400 mA
Material Cast aluminum + thick glass
Lighting time 8-12 hours
Charging time Fully charge for up to 10 hours
Lighting area 3-5 m²
Standard CE, ROHS, IP65
Often used for decoration Backyard, garden, …

Structural features of GL13 solar gate light:

– The lamp has a luxurious style, beautiful design, inspired by the simple, classical shrines, made of thick, strong cast aluminum material, resistant to all severe weather. outside.

– The top of the roof of the lamp is equipped with small solar panels, used to absorb sunlight, protected by high-grade PC plastic according to IP65 waterproof, dustproof , scratch resistant, durable over time.

– The power of the lamp is 4W, the capacity of solar panels up to 6W easily provides enough power to cover.

– Lights use 3.7V Lithium Ion battery 3.7AH, with a time of use from 8-12h, charging time from 6- 10h.

– The body of the lamp is covered with layers of translucent, thick glass, decorated with eye-catching patterns, exquisite classical style.

– Connect with the upper body is a spacious square lamp base below, with 4 screw holes in 4 corners, helping to fix the lamp firmly, easily and conveniently.

– Due to being placed outdoors, GL13 solar gate lights are designed with high quality materials, waterproof, good heat resistance, easy to withstand any weather such as adverse rain, wind, sunshine …

– No need for complicated, cumbersome wiring, you can install and use the lamp simply, easily, quickly and conveniently. At the same time, save monthly electricity costs for your family.

– Not only does the light from the light emit quite soft, harmonious, warm, safe, but also does not contain dangerous toxic substances such as mercury, lead or ultraviolet radiation, infrared.

– The product has passed rigorous quality tests and achieved international safety certificates such as CE, ROHS, IP55 … before being marketed