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The  waterproof 1KW / 24V wind turbine (turbine) controller is designed to charge lead acid batteries by using the energy generated from wind turbines. The controller continuously converts the three-phase AC output from a wind generator into a DC output, ready to charge a 24V battery system

1000W 24V wind turbine controller  is equipped with advanced dual safety protection, designed to protect both battery and wind turbine


Specifications of  1KW / 24V wind power charging (turbine) controller

Model: FW10-24

Voltage: 24v

Rated power: (Min) 100W

Rated power: (Max) 1000W

Brake voltage: 30V

Recovery voltage: 27V

Brake current: 30A

Display mode: NO

Ambient temperature: -35 ~ + 75ºC

Dimensions (L x W x H): 150mm × 132mm × 48mm

Protection against water:     IP67


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